currently doing: 

currently playing: 
ace atttorny justice for all, 
DRAMAtical Murder, 
twisted wonderland

currently watching: 
fantasy high sophomore year

Whats in my bag

my things

why do you want to know?

 first lets start with some info about the site. this website was made on 
february 27 2024. i found neocites trying to find interative websites because i
was bored with the post format of social media sites and how so much of it 
was advertisment. 

ok actually about me

  ive just finished high school and im trying to figure out what i want to do 
  for the rest of my life. rn im thinking either library sciences
  or software development. 
  some of my hobbies:
  drawing, video games, reading(rarely books but im trying to get 
  back into reading), making buttons, braclets 
  and other crafts, music, moding handheld consoles, coding, 
  playing with my cats


Favourite media

Movies/shows: heathers, mean girls, legally blonde, sonic 1+2, gotham, dead end paranormal park, craig of the creek twinkystarsred Books: the outsiders, the book of eels,the metamorphosis twinkystarsred (Web)Comics: homestuck, problem sleuth, robins, ds vs vampires: hunters, midnight sleuth, hsetau, martyrdom, guidestuck, dead shuffle, twinkystarsred Anime/Manga: bungo stray dogs, black butler, manly appetites, free!, yuri on ice twinkystarsred Games: mincraft, ace attorney, twisted wonderland, corpse party, sonic, stardew vally, limbo, mad father, undertale, obey me, slow damage, dramatical murder, nu: carnival, pony town, from madness with love, dead plate, pesterquest, twinkystarsred Youtubers/Streamers: dan howell, amazing phil, game grumps, strange ├ćons, philza, technoblade, jackson galaxy, snapcube and more twinkystarsred Music: mcr, set it off, marina, fall out boy, paramore, get scared, 3oh!3, green day, the moutian goats, days n daze, ajj, mccafferty, the stupendium, glass animals, will wood, idkhow, the mechanisms, three days grace, the front bottoms, she/her/hers, the dresden dolls, kesha, pierce the veil, dazey and the scouts, avril lavigne, hypmic, s3rl, falling in reverse, sleeping with sirens, pavement, blue foster, los campesinos, bug hunter, good charlotte, nine inch nails, twisted sister, and more but this is already a long list