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Change Log

 i started this site in february but im just
makinga change log now

04/20/24 - new sites added to links 04/22/24 - updated about page and added a source page 04/24/24 - added picrew 04/26/24 - new dividers, links update homepage updates 05/13-16/24 - working on shrines!!


hello and welcome to my website! this is my first time making a website 
    or coding so ill be slow to add things and it might take a bit to get it to 
    look right.
    i use firefox and my screen size is 1280 × 634 but my website should work 
    on all computers.
    my site probably doesnt look good on mobile but i plan to fix that in the future 
    you can find my sources page here
    play my picrew!